Getting to Ganja: Revolutionizing the Status Quo

Claiming My Terrain: The Basics of the Blog

Welcome to the Grown Up Ganja blog. If you’re here, I assume you’re looking for something a little different. Good news – that’s precisely what I aim to offer.

I’m Auntie Paige, and this is my story, my musings, my reality – but more than that, this is my quest. Think of me as your quirky but not quite cool, child-free aunt who has navigated life her way and has a treasure trove of insights to share, without any sugar-coating. The reality is, I’ve been through a ton of cool and not so cool experiences and come out on the other side with a life that, though imperfect, is authentically mine.

“I don’t want all the land. I just want the land that touches my land.”

Auntie Paige’s Motto

I don’t want all the land. I just want the land that touches my land.

That’s my motto. It reflects the way I live my life – on my own terms, claiming what is mine without feeling the need to conquer what isn’t. This is a principle called “Internal Locus of Control.” It’s a fancy way of saying I choose how to react to what life throws my way.

However, it wasn’t always this way. My transformation into a person with an internal locus of control was neither overnight nor straightforward. It took time, experiences, and a whole lot of self-reflection. It also required a framework to help make sense of it all – something I call the ‘Get to No University.’

Claiming My Terrain: Defining the Boundaries of What’s MINE

Now, why write here instead of our business blog?

Simply put, this is personal. This isn’t a corporate pitch or an attempt to sell you something. Instead, it’s a genuine, heartfelt account of my journey. It’s me reclaiming my ‘mine’ and inviting you along for the ride as I untangle what I can control from what I can’t.

This blog, as I see it, is a chronicle of my journey in five main areas that make my life the beautiful, messy masterpiece that it is:

  1. Business Banter: Success on My Terms

    Building, refining, and maintaining our successful media business has been a rollercoaster ride that we call the World’s Longest Honeymoon. Here, I’ll share what we’ve learned, including the challenge and joy of building a business with a spouse or partner, and the importance of keeping personal and professional dreams aligned.
  2. Brain Wiki: Decoding the Inner NeuroSparkle

    An exploration of the unique traits and idiosyncrasies that make us who we are and determine the life we’re meant to live, this section reflects my ongoing interest in what makes us want what we want.

    I call this concept ‘neurosparkle,’ the idea that we each have unique characteristics that make us perfectly suited for our dream lives. I envision creating an app that homogenizes all sorts of diagnostic tests, from personality to intelligence to emotional regulation, into one bias-free tool. In the meantime, I’ll explore what I think in the concept of why I think it.
  3. Bay Life: Our Sanctuary by the Mississippi

    Our amazing 700 square foot home on a bay off the Mississippi River is an integral part of our story. After two devastating floods, we rebuilt during the pandemic, turning our dream home into a sanctuary that keeps us connected to nature, family and the life we love.

    From biking and kayaking to gardening and my hand fed hummingbirds, I’ll share how living here has fundamentally changed our perspective on what ‘home’ means.
  4. Body Balance: Health Over Vanity

    I lost over 100 lbs after turning 50 and maintained that loss for a year and a half. My journey towards health, including a deep dive into the Optavia diet and now modifying the Optavia diet to include appropriate nutrition for me to exercise, taught me a lot about self-sabotage and moderation.

    I’ll use this as a case study to explore how the Get to No University framework can help us better understand and confront our personal barriers.
  5. Budding Beliefs: Cultivating a Mind Open to Change.

    This is where I document my unexpected journey through the world of cannabis – not as an activist, but as someone who discovered weed at a late age and has benefitted in ways I never anticipated. A life changing paradigm shift forced me to fundamentally re-evaluate my beliefs and rethink what I held to be true. As the most unlikely cannabis advocate, my experiences with cannabis instigated a profound transformation in me.

    I’m not here to convince you of its virtues; rather, my aim is to share my journey and introspect on why this path worked for me.

    Grown Up Ganja symbolizes the courage to discover and embrace what truly works for you, even when it contradicts the ‘one-size-fits-all’ norm that society often propagates. It’s about nurturing our budding beliefs and cultivating a mind that’s open to change.

Buckle up, buttercup, this is going to be one hell of a ride! I know that because that’s what it’s been so far and I don’t expect any less going forward.

Here, at the intersection of life, love, dreams, and a healthy dose of reality, we’re going to explore it all, one blog post at a time. Let’s embark on this journey together and see where it takes us!